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And when it comes to, shall we say, couples, no one tops the open-minded pairings found in dating sims.Jumping race or social castes is just the beginning; no line is too sacred for these poignant tales of romance.Dating Simulation A dating sim is a type of simulation with romance focus.

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Many of these are Japanese exclusives, so they might be hard to play if you can't read Japanese.While VN's with dating sim elements are allowed in the database, dating sims with brief VN elements are not.Let's see; she's smiling, so option one should work - unless that throwaway line of dialogue back in Chapter 2 was hinting that she was actually a Tsundere and so I should choose number two..on while I check the FAQ.If it feels like you're playing an RPG, trying to keep track of everyone's feelings about you and giving out presents, that's a Dating Sim.In recent years, there have been many Role Playing Games that incorporate dating sim elements.If love can bloom on the battlefield, then by God, it can bloom anywhere it damn well pleases.


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