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I would say some drinking is definitely not OK, like drinking to drunkenness. Another one that's not OK is drinking with a person who is manifestly having their conscience wounded and being tempted or drawn into something that they just spent six years trying through Teen Challenge and AA to get free from. I think I'm apostate, and I'm beyond help and forgiveness. " The statement "It's OK" may or may not carry in their mind a pattern of life that's healthy. Now I don't know how deadly it was in Jesus' culture. I just know what I'm dealing with when I go to talk at Teen Challenge or when I pray with a man like I did after church last Sunday who said, "When I'm done here, I'm going out and getting drunk, because I'm done.Many Christians will say it’s not the act of drinking that is wrong – it is the act of getting drunk or drinking too much. If you look at singles who are part of Christian dating service Christian, around 65% either abstain from drinking alcohol or rarely drink.The interesting part of this data is that the 65% mark seems to hold true regardless of the age group.Growing up in the 1980s, I was taught similar principles and was led to believe only evil people drank alcohol.When my parents would drink wine or have a beer with my grandparents, I would always get upset because of what I had heard in church.

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How real and deadly it was though, I don't know.

By the time I turned sixteen, my views of the Christianity had shifted, and I didn’t like what I saw, so I cut ties.

Alcohol was the untouchable taboo, and so like many a teenager under the thumb of the church; it only made it all the more enticing.

It's clear that wine is a blessing in the Bible.

If you make the choice, like me, that I'm going to be a teetotaler, it's just not based on the condemnation of the evil of wine.


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