Android weather app not updating

Radar maps are nicely marked with respect to the severity of weather conditions.Also, severe alerts are marked on the map with pop-up place pins that make it supereasy to read.I consider not only what information the apps present, but also how and where they present it.If I have to dig through several screens to find out when it's going to rain, the app is off to a bad start.Then there's the moon viewer, so you always know the werewolf forecast, and several radar maps, letting you see visualizations of the cloud and rain to come.On top of all that, there are also several interactive graphs showing data on things like temperature, precipitation and pressure.You may find one of these apps suitable by itself, or you can try combining a couple of them to get the most information. The daily information is excellent in this app because it includes what the temperature feels like, the humidity, and UV index.The hourly forecast is superior to that of other apps, showing you the temperature, precipitation chance, and wind.

Again, I look primarily at design and how the widgets present their information.

No artsy line graphs, just numbers to let you know what temperatures to expect.

You'll also find 36-hour and even 10-day forecasts in The Weather Channel's app.

There’s quite a bit of variation between mobile offerings, with some reveling in real-time Doppler images and others emphasizing the 10-day forecast, but each touts functionality designed to provide an all-encompassing weather forecast of your local area.

After all, even a good meteorologist can only tell you so much.


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