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Our sources tell us the producers haven't told the wives they're getting fired yet, but are already looking for new women to fill their spots.

Draya Michele and Jackie Christie will be the only returning members.

Just tell my story so she can have a friend on the show. A lot of people gravitated towards you because of your honesty and the story you brought to the show.

How important was it for you to share your truths about your health?

Jackie Christie attempts to make amends with the group; but has too much damage already been done?

Meanwhile; Laura's rockin' a hot new body and some big life changes to go with it.

She hasn't even made her first appearance on the show and already Brooke Bailey is caught up in some drama...

In the previews for the next season of Basketball Wives LA video model Brooke Bailey claims former Detroit Piston Vernon Macklin is her man.

The premiere of the second season of "Basketball Wives LA" aired on VH1 on Monday, Sept.

10 with the same cast: Jackie Christie, Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo and sisters Gloria and Laura Govan; and a new member to the mix, video vixen Brooke Bailey.


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