Carbon dating dinosaur fossil

This scientific method for determining ages of specimens is also called C technique of dating fossils is an established way to determine the ages of archaeological specimens, sometimes accurate from 500 to 50,000 years old, although adjustments may need to be made for oceanic organisms that are tested.It has often been used by scientists such as geologists (Pleistocene materials), anthropologists, archaeologists, and other scientific investigators.You’ve seen them in the magazines, on television, in the museums and maybe you’ve even held one in your hands. A question that often arises is “How do scientists determine the age of a dinosaur bone?

The data was challenged by Thomas Stafford as poor science due to assumed contamination from modern C-14 with younger surficial calcium carbonate.Yet scientific progress sometimes involves astonishing new discoveries and concepts, and the previously-assumed ages of “prehistoric” fossils is now being disputed.Take Recent Scientific Testing in Context When ordinary persons, who are not scientists, read a little about scientific testing that indicates dinosaurs may not be so old, it may leave an impression.When it was learned in 2005 that Triceratops and Hadrosaur femur bones in excellent condition were discovered by the Glendive (MT) Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, Hugh Miller asked and received permission to saw them in half and collect samples for C-14 testing of any bone collagen that might be extracted.Indeed both bones contained collagen and conventional dates of 30,890 ± 380 radiocarbon years (RC) for the Triceratops and 23,170 ±170 RC years for the Hadrosaur were obtained using the Accelerated Mass Spectrometer (AMS).Accelerated Mass Spectrometer (AMS) dating of dinosaur bone bio-apatite from 170 grams of bone fragments and milligram surface scrapings of an Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur gave ages of 25,750 ± 280 and 23,760 ± 270 respectively.


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