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President Reagan still went, but at least I had tried in my own small way. The crude conventional wisdom is that Bill Clinton craved adoration and Hillary Clinton craved power.For the past two years, people have continued to ask if the pair were getting divorced, and though they have maintained that there was no truth to the rumours, it did inspire Chelsea to reevaluate her approach to the public eye.“I’m particularly proud and grateful for the example that my mother has always set,” she said, recalling a lesson she learned from her grandmother that seemed particularly pertinent: “It’s always better to get caught trying than to have never tried at all.” Chelsea Clinton was honored at Friday’s event for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization working to end childhood obesity.“If you care about equity or economic justice or gender equality,” Clinton said, “you have to care about childhood obesity.” She gave a shoutout to Carmen Farina, the chancellor of New York City public schools.Clinton and Marc were married at Astor Courts on the old Astor estate Ferncliff Farm, a property that is not owned by Soros.Furthermore, it’s unclear where Baio “discovered” that Marc Mezvinsky was the nephew of George Soros, as this claim is demonstrably untrue.VIDEOHillary Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes Straight See also: Hillary Clinton's Track Record & Agendas The Clinton Record Bill Clinton Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation Huma Abedin Saul Alinsky George Soros Onward Together Born in Chicago on October 26, 1947, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, a solidly Republican suburb of Chicago. The following year, she enrolled at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where her political views would undergo a radical transformation.In 1964 she supported Republican conservative Barry Goldwater for U. Rodham was deeply influenced by a 1966 article titled "Change or Containment," which appeared in , a magazine for college-age Methodists.

While this rumor has been circulating for several years, it is as untrue now as it always was.

Marc’s father, Ed Mezvinsky, has one brother, Norton (who is not also George Soros’ brother).

Norton explicitly stated that he was Marc’s “only uncle” after he did not receive an invitation to his nephew’s wedding: The A-list roster of 500 guests for the Chelsea Clinton wedding didn’t include a spot for her fiancé’s lone uncle.

So let’s review: How did Chelsea become such a threat?

Perhaps the best way to start is by revisiting some of Chelsea’s major post-2008 forays into the public eye.


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