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If a Shanghai girl tells you she likes you, loves or misses you, you need to bear in mind that it has a much greater and significant sense than in the Western world.In most of the cases such phrases mean she has chosen you as her future husband.Know where to take her: Some great places you can go are Tianzi Fang. Another place you can go is at Pudong's Aquarium which is great because Shanghai girls love taking pictures. It's a street with grafitis which is new for her AND she can take pictures.Make sure to listen to my interview below with Dating Coach Kane Vast with Pickup Asia.For the most of Chinese girls a second or a third date will mean a serious intent on men’s side leading to marriage in the nearest future.

Plenty of smart and independent girls can sleep on the first date and prove out to be great persons to be around after you get to know them.there is no dating culture in China, so it's a direct jump from very traditional arranged type to sex first then we will talk or never style?

Chinese girls will only tell their parents about the man they are meeting if they are serious about him.

If one day you learn her parents are aware of your existence, it means she views your relationship as stable and permanent one.

When I did it like this it worked, but everytime I thought the person was really interesting and I wanted to know more about her, it went nowhere. Sex on the first date is not a good idea in serious relationship. If things don't happen fast you go into the "boyfriend" mode.

Maybe Chinese women who are interested in laowais do not expect much talking or sharing, or maybe it is just the Chinese "efficient" way of doing thing ? Which means they will be a lot more demanding and expect you to do "romantic" things for her (take her to expensive dinners, buy her things etc.).


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