Dating high maintenance men

Cars that barely need tuneups, require little for spare parts and run for years without engine replacements are considered “low maintenance.”They are the ideal car for the new buyer, the old seller and the guy who is just trying to keep his expenses down and get from place to place.High maintenance cars are many times warned against, as they are expensive to upkeep, their parts must be imported, and the mileage is never worth the price of gas. All the money spent on their exterior, the imported parts and unnecessary frills have the ability to attract even the most sensible of buyers.Spending a long time on their looks, wanting to be told 'I love you' several times a day and not leaving the house without their hair immaculately styled, were also among the list of high-maintenance traits in the modern men.Having a strop whenever they don't get what they want was named as the most common high-maintenance trait among men, followed by needing to have an immediate response to a text or email and hearing 'I love you' from a partner several times a day.they prefer to relax in a salon or spa-type setting while getting a facial, and they typically overspend on clothes and shoes, in particular. Foo foo is one typical component of a "high maintenance" woman. Now I would not regard myself as a cheapskate, but I realized early on when I first started dating her that I would need to consult my financial planner before seeing her more than once a week ...They also usually wax their body hair - including their bikini area ... A foo foo woman is also more likely to have cosmetic surgical procedures - such as breast enhancements, laser skin treatments, chemical peels, etc. The other characteristics of high maintenance include (eventually) the reality that you are likely to wind up PAYING for some or all of what I just described as foo foo attributes! I once briefly dated a woman who is from what I would call "old money" in the area that I live. because she always insisted on going to the best restaurants, and would order the 0 bottle of wine.

While these petty things may go unnoticed for most guys, but for guys who are high-maintenance can seriously annoy or disappoint the person they’re dating or in a relationship with. While dealing with negative emotions they can’t handle, they’ll sulk, pout, or shut you down when you offer them any help. If you happen to be dating this type of men, when they’re sad or feel frustrated, they’ll tell you all about it, and intend to bring you down at their level with them.Are you familiar with this because we are declaring a high maintenance alert! She was probably expecting an expensive gift, diamonds or pearls.Have you ever put in a lot of thought into giving her a gift, and she is nothing but underwhelmed, to put it mildly. Your mother told you that it's the thought that matters and you grew up believing in it. Show her a heady bank statement and she'll be ecstatic. She doesn't want to be seen around with you if you are not dressed to kill, which only means you have to invest a lot of money in your wardrobe, beside hers, of course. Do you constantly find yourself asking the question, ‘but what about me?Says Kingshuk Dutta, 24, correspondent for an Auto Magazine, “For us, having a high maintenance girl is a matter of prestige, to show them off to our friends.It's temporary and we are aware that it will not go anywhere.” However, Rishi Doshi, who is 24 too and is an entrepreneur, begs to differ, “High maintenance girls are like a challenge that I'll any day accept because they are worth it in the end.” To each his own, but the truth is that every guy would at least love to get a slice of it.However, these days, most accept the fact men should be allowed to take of themselves and their bodies, faces, and feet just as women have been doing for years.


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