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There’s NOTHING like loving a woman that you can connect with on all levels, combined with the feeling that she will be down for you through thick and thin because your FRIENDSHIP ensures your bond is deeper than a surface level connection.BUT, the truth is that not ALL men believe that true a friendship NEEDS to be established BEFORE entering into a relationship – .If a guy sees that things are fun with , you’ve got a good chance of turning him into your steady boyfriend.But more on that in a bit…Usually, the random hookup thing can turn into more.The guy says he wants to be friends first, and then I’m the one who gets friend-zoned…which makes me question if I’m gf/wife material or if I’m such a good friend, they wouldn’t want to ruin that. Because there’s a lot to unpack, I will address the questions and topics brought up chronologically as they appear in the email.

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If you can’t muster up the courage to ask your crush what he wants with you, and you’re starting to feel like he only wants one thing, read on. Or he does he text you at 8 PM at night asking if you want to come over?In theory, for sure I see why anyone would want to know someone on a certain level before getting into a committed, long-term relationship.But then why all the fuss about girls putting guys in the dreaded friend zone?? So do you think guys genuinely believe in being friends first?I’ve even been on the “desire” side of the equation myself a few times – where I was the one wanting the full-time relationship.And I’ll reveal to you that it’s not always the “men are commitment-phobes” behavior you might think.These 8 signs that he only wants to be friends with benefits will help you figure out whether he’s serious about you… If he only makes last-minute plans with you, and they always involve you going to his house or him coming over, that's a pretty big sign that he just wants to keep it casual.


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