Dating tele pickups

You should be able to swap out your pickups with minimum to no hassle, but in case you screw up, don't blame me for it. Also, make sure you know where the pickup is supposed to go(not just what type of guitar it is supposed to go in).If you do mess something up, I'll do my best to help you though. Don't screw up and buy a neck pickup and try to put it in the bridge.I was set on a Les Paul of some sort, possibly a used LP Standard.I read tons of reviews, then I started reading some of the Epi Les Pauls(the nicer ones, 0-500).

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" data-button-text="See More" data-link=" /andromeda" data-youtube-id="" Duality is a new concept in pickup design, merging the best active and passive technologies to create a versatile and dynamically rich tone palette.

On these guitars, if the nut width is 1-11/16” (43 mm) or greater, F-spaced pickups can be used in the neck position as well.

A long time ago (in the 20th century, actually) the electric guitar world was divided between Gibson and Fender designs.

You can get a pretty beefy tone with both pickups on like this, and it adds a new, playable dimension to your favorite guitar.

In a standard guitar, like a Strat or a Tele, your pickups are wired in Parallel.


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