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We define ‘responsible Asian elephant tourism’ as an activity through which tourists can observe or interact with Asian elephants in a safe environment, and which promotes elephant physical and cognitive health, as well as social and reproductive opportunities.

This includes viewing elephants in the wild, as well as the viewing, bathing, feeding or trekking with captive elephants at sanctuaries, parks and camps, where we believe that operators endeavor to properly consider elephant well-being, and where the alternative to interacting with tourists (for example, a return to the wild) is likely to increase the risk of injury or premature death.

In the end, the camp brothels did not produce any noticeable increase in the prisoners' work productivity levels, but instead, created a market for coupons among the camp VIPs.

The first camp brothel was established in Mauthausen/Gusen in 1942.

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The issues surrounding tourism involving elephants and the viable alternatives available, differ across countries.

We are therefore wary of generalisations on the topic of Asian elephant tourism.

Heger claims that Himmler directed that all gay prisoners were to make compulsory visits to the camp brothel once per week as a means of "curing" them of their sexual orientation.

The French documentary Night and Fog mentioned the existence of concentration camp brothels as early as 1955.


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