Frustrated dating scene

Glass also noted that the lack of dating on campus may stem from the widespread notion that dating does not exist.He wrote though that he thinks forming real relationships can be beneficial to students.Many, however, were in agreement that Duke is a difficult place to date and find a significant other.

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However it may be due to the fact that they are not making the most of what opportunities they have.In addition, a 2012 study called the “Duke Social Relationships Project” and a 2014 report from Duke Inquiries in Social Relations found that approximately 75 percent of the student body wishes they were dating more.Despite the perceived prevalence of the hook-up culture, Mercado noted that trends in students’ dating change over time, adding that the she thinks the dating scene at Duke is similar to that of other campuses.In fact, they claim that in Chicago there are wonderful ways to meet other singles when you're 40, 50, 60 or even 80 years old. Lauren Streicher from Northwestern Hospital, and the author of "Sex Rx," to share how singles over 40 can find love.Gahndi and Streicher are doing a live event on April 4 to address the issues older people deal with while they're dating. Although students often face emotional pain during a break-up, Glass wrote that students should not avoid relationships because of this possibility, adding that students often learn about themselves through this difficult experience.


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