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Hulk Hogan was not only a hero to millions of Hulkamaniacs but to all the wrestlers, too.

If Vince Mc Mahon was Julius Caesar, then Hulk Hogan was Alexander the Great.

Miller pulled up WWE's Wellness Policy on the company's website...

Impact Wrestling announced their first non-televised live show in almost two years.

Dennis Glenn: Diana Hart: I talk quite a bit about my wrestling career in Under The Mat. Paul Foglund: Diana Hart: Well, in Under The Mat I talk about Bret's falling out with the WWF at Survivor Series 1997, and his feelings of animosity and betrayal intensified after Owen died. He's six-foot-four and wrestles like his dad and his uncle Owen, and I believe there is a place in wrestling today for that. Sheena: Diana Hart: The biggest advantage that I was the daughter of the greatest father and wrestler I could ever have.

Perhaps that is a disadvantage because I forever am comparing everyone -- male especially -- to my dad, and no one measures up.

Every night he headlined, there was a sellout and, throughout the night, all the wrestlers would come up to him and thank them both for the house, for putting food on their tables and making wrestling something worth respecting.It also CANNOT be posted on newsgroups or newsboards. Wrestling STARDOM HAS NEVER SPOILED GOOD OL' TERRY BOLLEA Hulk Hogan. On the day I left Atlanta to come home, I knocked on his door to say goodbye and told him if he ever wanted to learn to wrestle, he was welcome to come up and work for my dad any time.He hasn't changed a whole heck of a lot from the way he was the first time I met him back in 1979. He thanked me and meant it, saying he'd keep it in mind. He'd just shot his cameo for Rocky III and was on the verge of mega-stardom that nobody could have even begun to imagine. When I started with the WWF, in August of '84, he was on his way to being the biggest name in the history of wrestling.Since 2014, they have been uploading wrestling related content on...Natural bodybuilder Nick Miller recently posted a video on his You Tube channel and discussed why WWE should test Jinder Mahal for performing enhancing drugs.I hated getting teased about my dad being a phony wrestler.


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