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Gemineans have golden tongues as well as quicksilver minds; like the monkeys of Chinese Astrology, they can charm the birds off the trees, induce others to follow courses of action which they don't really think advisable, and fascinate almost anyone they wish.At its worst, this makes the strongly Geminean person capable of being the archetypal confidence-trickster; at its best, it makes him or her a communicator of genius - an individual capable of conveying complex ideas in a simple way and of inspiring others.I am unable for re-hire through two of these staffing companies.Basically, if I am not presented with a daily challenge (a challenge which I believe is challenging), I get bored very, very, very, easily! I prefer highly challenging positions in which I work alone or with one to two other people.A pure Geminean is a person with whom it is almost impossible to argue for any length of time.

WICKED MAINE LOBSTER Lobster rolls New England favorites 9. LOLLI SWEETS A modern take on an old-time candy store 22.

But even the most idealistic Geminean is not altogether trustworthy or completely reliable.

This is not because of any deliberate disloyalty, dishonesty or deceit - it is because he or she is extremely apt to change his/ her mind and, being intellectual as well as versatile, can put forward excellent arguments for the newly adopted point of view.

Can you give any advice to how I may proceed in finding work? And it’s not about being stymied by online applications either, because other people are getting hired with those just fine.

It’s pretty unlikely you’re going to get a job that you find challenging with this work history or this approach. What this about is how you’ve handled yourself in the work world so far.


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