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Something about setting up various DL "accounts" using Visa gift cards (I assume with bogus names), and public computers (Kinkos and coffee shops were mentioned). It was one of those self-indulgent, whiny threads complaining about W&W. I'll bet they didn't show them in bed the way they do straight couples though. It was a thread about wit & wisdom earlier this year-primary season IIRC, and how to get yourself in it. It's crumbs tossed to us by the media but it's somewhat tasty crumbs, especially since they are a cute fictional couple. They could have at least made the storyline a little more challenging instead of having them randomly having sex for the first time after they've known each other for a century.

News Archive: Controversy erupts over same-six ATWT kiss.

), and particularly Sarah Warn, who did a fantastic job of curating and promoting lesbian-oriented series.

The blog ‘s article on gay programming, click here.

On her last night on the job, Sam receives a terrifying visit from one of her regular callers who feels betrayed that she's leaving him. He's a sadistic serial killer she's unknowingly been keeping from killing himself for over a year.

With only a skeleton crew on the graveyard shift, there's very little that stands between him and Sam.


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