Ji semmi dating aiment

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Be like a very small joyous child, living gloriously in the ever present now, without a single worry or concern about even the next moment of time. La Peur D'Aimer Valérie / Le Bonheur / Vous Avez Vingt Ans, Vous Avez Le Temps.

Obviously, they needed something to boost their popularity and there's nothing better than a romantic relationship to spark the media fire. I pray for their happiness & their relationship last forever...

on one site, I read a topic that they were really real life couples and it also said that Lee Dong Gun had something for Han Ji Hye when they were still shooting for Sweet 18 and she had something for him during the movie, My boyfriend is type B. I believe they really have a relationship in real life. I have read in some sites that they are in a relationship and my classmates also told me. Lee Dong-gun's latest semi-drama/music video If in love…like them with Lee Hyori tanked and Han Ji Hye's drama Cloud Stairs almost broke the lowest tv rating record last year with less than 5% Nielsen ratings.

I wish they were dating and have a special relationship!! yea i read some articles saying that they r dealing and i saw pics of them as well but only 2 pics make me believe that they r 110% dealing is the pic of the couple ring that they both have on so sweet and pics of them at the lotto world (i think) im glad they r dealing because they r cute together =) in the internet I have seen many reports that Han Ji hye and Lee Dong Gun has a special relationship. They've been keeping it low-key for about a year now. On Sunday, Han and Lee were seen watching Lion King together holding hands. Bluntly stated, Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong-gun are on the ropes in terms of their acting careers. `eventhough they broke up a year ago now, but im really sad that it comes to end !

i read in some magazine that they admitted they are together and Han Ji hye even commented that Lee Dong Gun is the 'real man among the men' dont know it's for publicity or for real though. Read that Lee Dong Gun fell for Han Ji Hye when they were filming Sweet 18 (the scene where she was waiting for him in the cold) and Han Ji Hye fell for him when they were filming My Boyfriend is Type B. Everybody knows that Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong-gun hooked up while filming My Boyfriend is Type B (fyi, this refers to the blood type, not the personality type) and that they've been together ever since, but it's always nice to have some kind of confirmation to couple these two together. I think this is a publicity stunt set up by their PR reps to increase their market-value.


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