Josh homme pj harvey dating

Homme rarely allows obstacles or difficulties to keep him down, for no matter how bleak the past or present, Josh always expects a better, brighter future.

Dating back to the ‘80s, guitarist Josh Homme and his pals would throw what would become known as "generator parties" -- consisting of live music played for a bunch of friends out in a secluded part of California's Palm Desert, the electricity for the amplifiers being supplied by a power generator.

He also produced To Bring You My Love (1995) and White Chalk (2007). But when she moved to London around the time of Dry, tasting urban life, the music business and fame all at once, she broke down.

They met after she precociously invited his band, Automatic Dlamini, to play her 18th birthday party. "A very self-possessed, interesting character," he remembers. I was immediately attracted to that – I wanted to get to know her. As soon as there was an opportunity to get her to join my band, I did." Harvey, unsurprisingly, wasn't feeling self-possessed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she hated what she saw.

There have been other reported collapses since, as with her wrenching mid-Nineties break-up from Nick Cave.

Harvey is wise to shut the door on her private life now.


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