Misha barton dating cardiff adult dating

, but that doesn't mean the actress has cut all ties with the show. "We did our best and that's what it is," Artem told us.

She's remained close with her partner Artem Chigvintsev, hanging out quite a bit together and even posting photos of their outings Snapchat—so much so, reports began circulating that the two might be dating.

However, they went out on good spirits and both seemed so thankful for each other.

So, maybe that bickering and challenge for the two of them will make them a good couple? Do you think they’re a cute couple, Hollywood Lifers?

And the legal filing shows that the two men are at loggerheads, blaming each other for trying to shop the x-rated material.The latest court documents state: 'At his deposition, Mr. In the texts Zacharias tells Spaw: 'Midchas (sic) lawyers and I now know u stole my computer. Just promise me u won't release anything.'Zacharias says he has just left rehab, before adding: 'Just promise me nothing will be f***ing released man.'But according to Spaw, who sent an email to Bloom's office along with copies of the text messages, Zacharias is trying to 'flip the script' by claiming it's him who is behind the sale of the sex tapes.Spaw claims in the email that Zacharias 'illegally filmed' Barton, then proceeded to 'openly brag' that he was going to shop the tapes around to the highest bidder.Daily first broke the exclusive story that a video showing Barton having sex with a dark haired man - now believed to be Zacharias - was being offered to the highest bidder with the starting price of 0,000. Spaw admitted to making multiple copies of these tapes and compressing a copy to make it easier to email to an unnamed third party.' Spaw, who says he is still in touch with Barton, wrote: 'I've been worried sick about Mischa, and that it's been insinuated..I had anything to do with the shopping of Jon's heinous videos makes me physically ill.The footage was being touted to online porn companies, with a number of porn industry giants still considering the offer. I love and care about Mischa more than anything in the world, and I've done everything in my power (since November) to prevent Jon's tapes from ever being released.' Spaw claims he told Barton about the tapes from the beginning and was even able to obtain an audio confession from Zacharias The filing also states that Spaw showed Barton's legal team text messages he had recently received from Zacharias pleading with him not to release the tapes.He's also had TWO celebs storm off during his interviews after the line of questioning got a little too personal. Check out all the stars who've confided in the retired psychologist (below)! While chatting with the TV doc, the vet made one thing perfectly clear — she did NOT consent to being filmed during intercourse.


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