Nod32 blocking some programs from updating

With some cases, you may need to add Turbo Tax ports and addresses to the firewall's list.

These levels correspond to Microsoft's ranking system for updates (low priority, common, important and critical).

If you disable Windows update notifications in your ESET product, we recommend you enable update notifications or automatic updating in your Windows operating system as these updates are available to keep your computer fully protected.

Click here to learn more about automatic updates from Windows..

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The latest versions of ESET home and business products can be used with Windows 10.

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The security software could then block Internet access and/or installation.

Accessing Windows Firewall Blocking a Program with the Firewall Community Q&A Windows Firewall is free and comes with Windows.

If you want to block a program or a hacker, read this Wiki How to learn how.

Double-click on NOD32 icon present in system tray or Taskbar notification area. Now click on Setup tab and then click on "Enter advanced setup" link given in right-side pane as shown in following screenshot: Alternatively, you can directly open it by right-click on NOD32 system tray icon and select "Advanced setup" option from context menu. Now go to "Tools - System updates" section in NOD32 settings and in right-side pane, you'll see a drop-down box given to adjust system updates notification settings. If you don't want NOD32 to alert about new Windows updates, simply set the option to "No updates".

Now NOD32 will no longer show alert messages about new Windows updates. If you want to customize NOD32 alerts, you can set the alert type to any of the given options: 5.


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