Ovation dating guitars vintage

I’m always blown away by how good the synthetic materials sound when you just don’t expect them to compare to traditional timbers.

So here you go, everything you always wanted to know about the Ovation Ultra GP but were afraid to ask! What people end up wanting retroactively can be vastly different from what they thought they wanted at the time, for many different reasons. Witness the ascendance of the late 1950's Les Paul Standard over the (then) higher priced Custom, as well as the downfall of the once popular 1980's pointy hair metal guitars. Sometimes sheer star power can be enough to catapult a once unpopular "junk" guitar into the spotlight, making it the envy of other guitarists all over the world. If utter obscurity and lack of desirability, appreciatiation and respect are the defining criteria, then the GP is the ultimate "junk guitar".

All of the above certainly applies to Ovation’s Quixotic attempts to break open the solidbody guitar and bass market.

So naturally I’ve always been attracted to Ovation’s solids.

Homme owns several of these guitars in addition to his original black one, and relies on them for his signature sound.

Consequently, all his fans are going crazy trying to find a guitar like Homme's.


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