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Under the copyright law, you do not have to obtain sample clearance if your sample is so altered that it doesn't infringe, or your use is a fair one.

If you alter a sample so that an average listener cannot hear any substantial similarities between your work and the sample, there is no violation of the law.

If you use samples of other people's music in your own commercially released music, you should first get legal permission.

Note: Not all employers are required to comply with affirmative action requirements, so that language may be deleted in those situations.

In addition, the last sentence can be tailored to conform to the law in your particular state.

For example, if you must also comply with laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, you may include that language as well.

På fritidshemmet arbetar vi med kreativitet i många olika områden t ex drama, pyssel, formgivning, lek.

Barnen får bekanta sig med olika material, och deras användning i olika sammanhang.


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