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I hope you tune in, and let me know if you've ever been the victim of sexting-gone-wrong and how you dealt with it. Meet New Jersey teen Ally, whose world was turned upside down when a former boyfriend forwarded a private sext she'd sent him, leading to ridicule and taunting from her peers that lasted several years.It also sends viewers the message to think before they act. Celebs, girls in high school, etc., are sending naked pics of themselves to guys, and things are happening where the pics get leaked and people who weren't supposed to see them do.While it doesn't break any new ground, MTV's half-hour special, "Sexting In America: When Privates Go Public," is a good reminder for teens that taking and sending nude pictures is never a good idea. The show features 19-year-old Ally, who was 16 when she sent a nude picture to an ex-boyfriend who said he'd get back together with her if she did so. The program, which is aimed at teens, explores the consequences--to one's emotions, reputation, and legal standing--in posing for, taking, distributing, or forwarding nude pictures by cell phone or computer.IPods, Blackberries, and Motorola phones are visible, as well as the AOL logo.This is one you may want to watch with your teens, both to learn more about the phenomena and to talk about its implications.

It also warns kids about the peer pressure they may face to sext, and offers some ideas about how to handle this pressure.

The boy, in Ally's words, "ended up sending it to everybody in his contact list" and soon Ally's picture was all over school.

Ally said she sent the photo because "having him ask me for the picture made me feel wanted again." Instead she felt betrayed, especially after the reaction from classmates.

It also contains lots of references to celebrity sex scandals.

All of these things are offered within context, and are intended to educate the viewer.


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