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There, Noah sleeps another hour and a half on a cot, before the day care shuttles him to Bammel Elementary School.

Then Lowrance, 50, hops in his fuel-tank truck, delivering gasoline as a contractor for the city of Houston.

I probably could have come up with a thousand different date ideas since this is the question I get asked a lot.

Finding the right event for a special date whether it’s your first date, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other special event is my specialty.

Besides Grandma is still late on sending the kids their Easter gifts so I think we are even.

I call my […] Show me your Dallas Big Smiles on social media! Our friends at Visit Dallas want to see yours as well.

He came with his girlfriend to attend the college graduation of my daughter.

Online Dating The Internet has made it easier for single parents to compare notes on forums and read dating tips at dozens of parenting and dating websites.

When I was a little girl I trained my mind to capture those moments so that I could cry myself to sleep.

I didn’t want to give my mother the satisfaction of her knowing that she had hurt me.

As we were discussing life and the complexities of such, I realized that this was a moment I wanted to capture and tuck away in my memory vault.

There have been many moments in my life which have been painful.


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