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Now, one time, I was hanging out with a friend of mine and a friend of hers who had come up to see her for his birthday.He was cute, but she immediately told me he was straight, so I didn't think much of it.Nobody let the dawgs out that night at Brooklyn Sensation.Instead, “PRIDE ON THE DL” brought out gaggles of flamboyant twentysomethings rocking the latest hip-hop gear, desperately trying to look tough.His poetry has appeared in Corpus, 6 (website), Queen: A Journal of Power and Rhetoric, 1 (website), Poetry USA, My Brother’s Keeper, edited by Michael Datcher, and The Road Before Us, edited by Assotto Saint.I give this rough and ready sampling to demonstrate that there were things—some good, some bad, some indifferent—happening at the end of the long century and the beginning of the new millennium.

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I think the more likely situation here is that you are misreading the signals you are getting; they're probably just being friendly.

ok for all you downlow guys (past, present, or future) or masculine closeted types, i have a question for you.

since you were in this boat before, here's the question, why do you or did you or why do closeted/bi/downlow men, openly flirt (eye stares, smiles, lingering looks, overly friendly chatting), but almost NEVER make a move or initiate something with the person they are obviously interested in.

Why would undercover brothers want to openly celebrate being in the closet?

The journalist in me couldn’t resist hopping the 2 train to Brooklyn to find out.


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