Table not updating with form

When edit is clicked (page 2) the code pulls the $id and puts it in the url.

The first one queries all of the rows from my table with an "edit" link.

But, the form is not updating in the places I expected. The select query that is being used to populate, combines information from 3 tables.

The issue I am having is that when records are updated on the form, they are adding records to all 3 tables that are a part of the query, instead of just updating the time entries table. So, since you want to update Time Entries, that should be the data source of the form.

This means that if you set the node) to be an "insert" SQL statement and open the data connection, the result will be a new record in the database as per the insert statement’s parameters (and the same goes for "update" and "delete" SQL statements).

In fact, the XFA 2.4 Specification states, on page 772, that "despite the name [of the child node (which describes how records in the data connection are navigated) must be set to "stay BOF" and "stay EOF", respectively, otherwise you may run into serious problems.

If you are not using PDO statements yet to prevent SQL injection attacks then you should use more protection then just mysql_real_escape_string().

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Edit: When I print_r($this-Take a close look at your code and examine what every line in the method body is doing, especially the very first one.Record Source (form) = Select Query "Employee Time Entry" Thanks in advance. For combo boxes, they can be still be populated with any data source you want.You can still have them feed of their respective tables.Ok, that makes sense then as to why all three tables from the query were being updated.I now have the correct control table, but am having trouble correctly populating the combo boxes.The $id is pulled from the url and is used in a query to fill a form.


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