Updating data in a linked table is not supported single dating man

However, there are certain restrictions on the types of objects you can import from Access 2.0 or Access 95 databases.I am attempting to create an Update query that will take a value from a linked table (Import_test) and update another table (tbl Test). This would really seem to defeat the advantages of a linked table. Official INTO Import_hold FROM Import_test;to make a copy of the linked table.

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Linking modifies your Access database so that your queries, forms, reports, and data access pages use the data in the SQL Server or SQL Azure database instead of the data in your Access database.

Hi: I am working with an XLS file, andhave Access 2000. You will have to work out a different method: Perhaps delete the file and create a new empty file, or perhaps use Excel Automation to clear or delete the data, or perhaps just update all of the data to zero/blank.

When I try and clear the xlf file (so that xls can use it for additional data), I get an error message: "Deleting data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM. (david) "John Baker" Hi: I am working with an XLS file, andhave Access 2000.

This topic explains in detail how to import or link to Excel data from Access desktop databases.

If your goal is to store some or all of your data from one or more Excel worksheets in Access, you should import the contents of the worksheet into a new or existing Access database.


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