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Subsequently their efforts in nailing their scores proved too much even for a dogged Tullow outfit.Just two minutes into the opening period they demonstrated their goal scoring potential when Eoin Burke got on the end of a Niall Connolly ball across the face of the goal to finish low to the net, giving his side a 1-0 to 0-1 lead, a lead they were never subsequently to lose.Showing a very strong spine down the centre of their side with both central defenders, Dean Rovers and Ryan Morris outstanding, their midfield pairing of Colum Feeney and Jordan Richards took total control, with the result the attack saw a plentiful supply of quality ball, as Niall Connolly, Eoin Burke and Jack Murphy, were showing effectively up front, quickly turning their opportunities into scores.Causing issues for the opposing defence, a further goal from Eoin Burke along with points from the same player, Niall Connolly and Jack Murphy had them leading 2-4 to 0-3 at the end of the opening quarter, as Keelan O'Byrne and Stephen Metcalfe managed points in between for the opposition.Mongan mac Fiachna, a 7th century King of Ulster, is the protagonist of several legends linking him with Manannan mac Lir.They spread across Ireland, evolving into historic Irish (also Scottish and Manx) clans.As Tom Paulin put it, it should be possible "to found a national literature on this scutching vernacular".

Sarah said she supported the All-Star in “whatever he does”, but added there was great camaraderie between the squad’s wives and girlfriends.Most of these were the Protestant descendants of colonists from Great Britain.Literature of Northern Ireland includes literature written in Northern Ireland, and in that part of Ireland prior to 1922, as well as literature written by writers born in Northern Ireland who emigrated.“All the girls are great and we are good friends and support each other through everything.And it is great to see the guys coming together to be awarded for all their hard work,” she added.The Menapii are the only known Celtic tribe specifically named on Ptolemy’s 150 AD map of Ireland, where they located their first colony- Menapia – on the Leinster coast circa 216 BC.


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